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Subject Subject to Subject's Subjective Analysis*

Because it's been asked, I should note that I'm NOT available this weekend (sorry, perlandria, I would have loved to have seen you, and I hope you're having a great time at SiliCon, misdev) -- I'll be somewhere in the wilds of the east bay trying to recall my camping chops with lindygale.

I'm being amused by an interesting e-mail bug. It's under the category of e-mail programs that assume way too much about the language of replies.

A customer in Germany sent us a fairly complicated question that looked simple -- you know, the worst kind. I wound up handing it off to the UK office, which had a few further exchanges.

I noticed that the subject lines in the call log kept getting longer -- message subjects from us were being prepended with the classic "Re:", which most english email programs recognize properly, and thus know not to add an endless line of "Re:Re:Re..."'s. Yes, they used to do that in the bad ol' days.

Only the message were coming back from our erstwhile German with the prefix "Antwort:", which would in turn have yet another "Re:" placed in from of it. A quick trip to bablefish, and I discover that Antwort is german for "Answer".

By the time the problem was resolved, the subject line was almost double it's orginal length, with a line of "Re: Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: Antwort:".

Ok, maybe it's not so funny now that I've written it down. Call it a bizarre geek nostalgia.

And what's this weirdness I hear about people turning their blogs into 6 figure income generating machines, and they have NOTHING to do with porn?

* Gotta love the english language.
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