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How Yohannon Got His Groove Back

penguin_goddess put it best in her comment to my last post (and thus I paraphrase): Is it truly luck, or am I finally listening to my nascent intuition?

I know I've mentioned this here before, but LJ doesn't have a feature to allow you to search just a single journal for a phrase (though I could have just missed it... let me know if there is!) so I'll just risk boring y'all by repeating something my ex-boss Guy used to tell people during speaking engagements: "Sometimes luck is merely the ability to see an opportunity others have missed." He was referring to startups and such, but it still applies.

The key to recognizing opportunity is trusting your intuition and experience, even if something seems counter-intuitive or downright stupid. Sometimes it's simply that moment where you realize something you do for fun is actually a radical new business... look at Yahoo for an example of that. It started as a page of links a couple of Stanford students ran to help people find stuff on the web. They had the good fortune to have access to computers and one of the best internet exchanges in the world at the time, but they were the ones who woke up one day to realize that they had a gold mine.

In my case I suspect a large part of my recently resolved crisis of faith was a direct result of my intuition running headlong into my intellectualization of What I Should Be Doing Now. My mind has been saying "you need to find a job!!!" when my intuition has been saying "relax, it'll happen at the right time. Meanwhile, have a peanut."

You can almost see the skit play itself out on stage -- the preternatural zen-like calm of one person in the face of certain doom and destruction, the frantic screaming and shouting of the Other Side exhorting that We Must DO Something...

So, I stopped at Fry's to get the DDR RAM for kshandra's machine and toodled over to her place. I dropped the ram in, started it up...and nothing.

Breath. I suspected there might be an issue with setting the CPU frequency jumpers, as their was no clear guideline in the manual or with the chip itself as to what that number should be. I move one jumper, hit the power switch...

"Welcome to Windows 98"

High fives all the way around. Of course, now came the device driver dance, which involves that eternal "searching for new hardware", restart, more searching, drivers not being found, etc. My first goal was to get networking up, so of course that was the last thing that did work (I wound up having to disable the motherboard network and slap in the old card that I actually had half a brain to bring).

(Later, when telling gridlore about the "Device driver dance", we all began to speculate what that would look like. I concluded it would be some quaint bavarian village custom where the same song would start over at random intervals, and everyone would be too exhausted to remember the point of the whole exercise by the time the damn thing finally ended. But, I digress...)

Of course, it turns out that there was STILL an issue with the hard drive, but at that point I was certain that K could handle backing up the drive to an old Tivo drive pulled years ago ("only" 12 gigs... I think) and finally hauled my butt up to the city.

So here I am watching the red headed Roni work on some overdue P&L statements, feeling fed, feeling good.

Damned if I don't feel like dancing.
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