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Diebold Laying The Foundations For Electronic Election Fraud?

Well, when I saw this on CNet, I had to make damn sure I got involved. The fact that the freaking DMCA is being used to suppress something that makes the Florida 2000 debacle look like a manipulated dog-catcher election makes me absolutely livid.

You all know (well, you do now!) that I'm a BIG booster of technology. However, I find myself in the uneasy position of questioning the level of power that one company could have in the electing of the next president of these United States simply by tweaking the machines to show republican votes multiple times... completely undetectable.

On the one hand, No More Chads. On the other, no physical evidence of the actual vote... unless we implement a system where each vote is accompanied by a physical receipt, kept in the same locked ballot box we've always used.

Check out the "Why-War" web site for more dirt. And even if you don't want to read them yourself, download the file anyway (it's 11 megs compressed)... just in case it has to go underground.
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