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Just Avoiding Writing

I just spent an insane amount of time avoiding writing ANY sort of journal entry. Never mind that things are fine, I'm loved, "Looney Tunes: Back In Action" turned out to be the only title with a colon in it's name worth seeing (don't blink... the in-jokes are EVERYWHERE), I got chocolate ice cream in a cone from ColdStone at the mall kshandra, Roni and I went to see it, all on top of watching them torture my already fragile brain with a visit to Torrid...

All good things, true. Ok, not all is peaches and not ice cream (with a nudge and a wink to penguin_goddess and lavendersage): penguin_goddess's ex-roomie, "275"*, has become the kind of asshole his parents deserve**, by essentially reneging on his promise to let her store some stuff in the garage, and then refusing to cough up her half of the deposit. There's more, but I want to make sure that all of her stuff is out of there before I REALLY let him have it. Not that I worry he'll see this... the only computer there was hers, and it's now safely in Hayward.

I did miss a chance to see the Indigo Girls at the Fillmore Thursday night. Michele and Rob had tickets for that show and Friday, and called me less than an hour before the show to tell me that they weren't up for it. I had to turn it down, as Roni was exhausted and I hadn't gotten to the city yet. Even another hour would have made a difference... but there's no helping it now.

So, what's the problem writing? I'm guessing it has a lot to do with what Kim calls "Yohannon's Holiday Depression". The annoying thing is that Samhain left me with the revelation that (in the words of Elvis Costello) I'm not angry anymore. I'm hoping that means I won't get all testy and vile when buttons are pushed, though I'm not sure bursting into tears is all that great an improvement.

Ah well... at least I have my car back, running well. Maybe a road trip somewhere is in order. I just need to pick a direction and drive for awhile. Mayhap a bit of DIY home improvement would do some good. Hell, maybe I just need a good old fashioned BBW/BHM play party.

I'd flip a coin, except that would involve narrowing down all these choices to only 2. There's always a twenty sided die...

* So called for the total amount of money he contributed monthly... no utilities, no food, and about half of the rent he was SUPPOSED to be paying... oh, and did I mention he got the entire two car garage and the master bedroom?

** They've raised a spoiled little pissant who will, I have no doubt, either wind up turning tricks or worse if he doesn't learn to be a bit more cognizant of the impact he has on other people. What can I say, he really HAS pissed me off. Why do I blame his 'rents? Because they're the ones who've bailed him out every single time.
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