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Obligatory Geek Free Post

Well, I guess the post regarding "cute kittens" was geek free -- however, it was also pretty much CONTENT free as well. Here's an attempt to capture something about me, rather than my technological prowess.

First, today is the first time in a LONG time I've been able to face photography in quite some time. How long has this artistic malaise been possessing my soul, you may ask? Well, even if you didn't, it's been awhile. For example, some may recall this little missive, dated June 27th. I finally downloaded the photo from that memory card today. In fact, for those of you who couldn't picture me bowling in a kilt, well...

Come to think, when was the last time I posted a picture of any kind here? I know I did some in fat_art (which has been languishing thanks to my inattention), but that was awhile ago as well.

Well, part of the "new" me I want to work on is the ability to note a shortcoming without using it to club myself in submission. I know I can get it back together, and to prove it I'm going to make it a point to do a couple of official photoshoots, as opposed to the one,,, ahem... decidedly UN-official shoot involving penguin_goddess and lavendersage about a month ago. It did a lot to get me thinking about working on my art again on a lot of different levels.

After all, another big issue in my life is a means to counter Yohannon's Holiday Depression (just add PTSS and SADD for a yummy Ennui and Angst laden taste treat!), so perhaps I should consider major sublimation. It's got to work better than repression, suppression, and even (dare I say it?) large amounts of recreational chemicals.

To prove I'm serious in a way that doesn't tie me up for hours, I've taken 30 minutes to concoct a new user icon, thusly displayed herein:

What can I say... I've wanted a decent "fuck you" sort of icon for awhile, especially when reading about conservative reactions to the whole gay marriage thing. I mean folks, get a clue... if Jerry Springer hasn't succeeded in destroying the institution of marriage, than why the hell do you think QUEERS will?
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