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Yo Girding His Loins

So, if Tuesday, December 9th is more or less open on your respective calendars, and you happen to be within easy distance of San Francisco, come on out and watch me stutter and stammer through my very first public reading of my piece for "Five Minute Erotica", Subway. It's going to be at the new Good Vibes store on Polk St. (between Sacramento and Clay) in lovely downtown SF. It starts at 8PM, and it'll help if anyone who knows me, wants to meet me, or otherwise wants to support my nascent career as a writer of erotica with a size acceptance bent should Come On Down (with a tip of the hat to the recently departed Rod Roddy of "Price is Right" fame) and pick up a copy that can be autographed by as many authors as possible... several a bit more famous than I am, if you can believe it.

Hey, just think of the (snerk) stocking stuffers (giggle) you could (choke) pick up while you were there. Not to mention the book itself. Hey, it's a perfect gift for someone in your life...

This is your cue to tell me I'll be fine. I mean, like I told Carol (Dr. Queen, my esteemed editor) I had my first public reading at the age of 14... but I don't think I've even done PRIVATE readings of my erotica, even though I've written it for nigh on 10 years now.

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