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Bitch Slapping in the Castro (and Other Spectator Sports)

That was weird. Roni decided to grab some burritos at that killer place on Noe and 18th, and I offered to drive. After all, the parking on a Sunday afternoon in the Castro... right.

I dropped Roni off and took off for a long drive around the neighborhood. I decided to hang over and drive up the Castro proper... I was in no hurry, and the people watching is always interesting.

So I'm coming up to the Market street stoplight, one car in front of me, when I notice that a scuffle is starting on the corner to the left of me... you know, the one where they fly that humongous rainbow flag? Within a few seconds the guy in the car in front of me is running across the street, I've got my emergency lights flashing and door open. I'm waiting, because it looks like they're spilling out toward me.

This scraggly looking guy wearing a "Matt Gonzales for Mayor" tee-shirt was being chased by this tiny black woman who was (as it turned out, justifiably) pissed. This young queer guy uttered the line that made me realize, yet again, that SF is a very different place: "You want to beat on a woman? Take me on, bitch!"

Think about it.

At one point the "victim" was taking off her sizable big heeled boots... I'm suspecting she either planned to give him a boot to the head, or force him into a proctologist's office (though that would have been a waste of a good boot).

Things settled down quickly, and as I waited for the light to cycle (again) I could hear the feisty pixie muttering "He just walked up and kicked me!"

Ironically, this whole thing should have made me late to pick Roni back up, but she wound up behind two burrito amateurs that delayed her so much that she was just leaving to get icy goodness from the 7-11 on the opposite corner. My second drive around occurred without incident. That is all.
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