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Too Busy To Post... Wait A Tick... I *AM* Posting!

So, let's see... it's a holiday week, which seems to compress everything. I've made it to the turkey day without imploding, though it seems like EVERYONE else in my life is. I've made a tentative dinner plan for next Wednesday (pending spousal approval) with src, which I'm looking forward to. I'm supposed to be seeing kshandra this afternoon, though I haven't heard from her yet.

Oh, and there's the usual set of chores about the house. No, not busy at ALL.

II did have a bit of a ponder on one of the semantic problems with being poly, i.e. the word "date". It's SUCH a loaded phrase in so many ways. For example, would I call this dinner with Strata next week a date, even though I don't want to imply all the things that people associate with the word?

I know, I tend to over-fret over things like this. I should just call it dinner and a movie and leave it at that.
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