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Was This Tryptophan Really Necessary?

Man, it has to be positively pavlovian -- I woke up at 8:30 AM today, and couldn't get back to sleep to save my life...

Of course, once having consumed a truly incredible turkey dinner at Harris's over on Van Ness (only one block away from the legendary Hot Tub place!), I found myself fading fast. The only think missing? Back to back showings of King Kong, Son of Kong, and Mighty Joe Young (the ORIGINAL version, thankyewverymuch!) on WOR (channel 9, NJ).

I mean, I could keep my eyes open to watch until the classic lines "T'was beauty that killed the beast" and "Don't worry... no one's going to hurt Joe now..."


Ok, so I almost always slept through "Son of Kong". Who wouldn't?

Okay, I've tried three times to write more, and have fallen asleep three times. Last time I think I got through five, maybe six words with penguin_goddess before conceding defeat. Yo go boom. I swear that turkey is injected with opium...

Before I collapse again, I did call my mom. Did y'all call someone important today?
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