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Coming Out On Top

So I ran into this piece about how some shady web site operators are ticked over Google thwarting their attempts to get listed higher when people do certain searches.

Out of curiosity, I decided to pop in "rotunda" as a search term. Much to my surprise, The Rotunda, my web site, came out at number one... out of 200K plus possible links.

Why do a feel this odd sense of pride? It's simply an accident of whatever tweaks Google has applied to it's search algorithm. Just to carry it through to it's obvious conclusion I tried Yohannon (position number one... my LiveJournal profile!), and a few more generic terms -- BBW, which I never realized is also the acronym for Banned Books Week, fat sex, which brought up about a million porn sites -- still brought up sites in the first three pages that MENTION my stuff, or me. Not too shabby for a few minutes ego surfing.

Complaints? Hell, as far as I'm concerned, Google has done right by THIS geek.
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