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Long, But Fruitful


I've been working on shifting my sleep schedule to something sane. Despite getting home later than I intended last night. in no small part due to leaving my bag at src's place after a lovely evening discovering we actually have a lot more in common then I remembered, thus forcing me turn back around to get it. D'oh!

Ah well... I got another Strata hug and snuggle for my trouble.

Anyway, I still managed to get up early enough to gather up all the stuff I needed for tomorrow (more on that publicly AFTER the morrow) and drop off some DVD's we had rented (and at this point almost had bought) before heading over to Hayweird to do some promised finishing work on the attic stairs I installed a couple of weeks ago.

Mush to my surprise things went fairly smoothly, and lavendersage and lovingstones surprised penguin_goddess (who had been providing moral support) and myself just as I was about to finish the major part of the work (the minor stuff... mostly fun, actually... I can do Sunday when I get there).

After a desperately required shower and hang out (I got to "floof"* into a full size Love Sac fully naked) I got my butt together to head up into the city. TO my utter amazement, there was virtually no traffic, despite the rainy weather.

Once I got here I had a few chores on my list, the topmost of was to fix Roni's RePlay (the OTHER "TiVo", originally from Sonic Blue... I honestly have no idea who owns it now. I just know the service still works). The hard drive was well and truly toasted, so after I picked her up we bought a new Maxtor (Best Buy had 80 gigs for 49 bucks after rebates... it's enough to make you cry... and I scored the last one! Woohoo!), went to Serramonte to get myself a new shirt and socks, had dinner at Las Trancas, and returned to her place.

My plan was to use her roommate Gene's PC to load up the RePlay system image I had downloaded from the net, as the XP/Me software was extremely mature point/click sorta stuff. I could have loaded up Linux on Roni's old PC, except I really didn't feel like being quite THAT geeky tonight.

The reality was that Gene was having issues with XP wherein it wouldn't properly initialize virtual memory, which actually worked out in my favor -- he was so disgusted with the box he told me to take it for the weekend. He's living off the portable now anyway, like smart new millennium primates do.

I proceeded to spend the next hour or so trying to get it to recognize the new drive. Short version of the story: The BIOS had primary slave disabled (erk!), Maxtor hadn't seen fit to format this drive (unlike the 200 gb drive I got only two weeks ago) and required another trip to BIOS land to boot off their CD-ROM (DR-DOS lives!).

Once the drive turned up, the patch utility worked flawlessly, and I began to put it all together. The difference of four years: Going from two drives to one, having more capacity than the original two together, and operating so quietly I thought something was wrong.

We programmed it up with the "must haves", And once again a PVR lives, LIVES I tell you!

And now, the ambien is near, and I must face the fact that I can barely type at all. More shall be revealed, my sweet reader! Good news wafted on the aroma of sandalwood, bergamot, and Frankenscence shall be forthcoming for the patient and otherwise alike. You decide which is the wisest way to be.

*Floofing is easily explained a few ways. If you recall the old Nestea Ice Tea ads, the ones where people fall back into a vast sea of tea and ice with expressions of rapturous joy on their faces. Another way is the think of how stunt men land when they jump from great heights, into those big air bags. It's a great way to get over trust and fear of falling issues.
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