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So, The Big Secret Was...

Last Friday, I had an interview. An actual, face to face job interview, with an outfit called Mann Consulting, in SF.

I had done a private entry a week ago about it... I was trying not to jinx it. The interview itself was fine, I guess... though I suspect that they're looking for someone with a bit more in the way of consulting savvy.

lavendersage tells me I shouldn't be negative about it, I should assume nothing. She's right, of course... she and lovingstones have both been great support, even as the holiday depression seems to sneak up and throttle me one. penguin_goddess, Roni, and... well, everyone, really... have all been great.

It's annoying though... I keep thinking that the rest of my life is doing so well, why can't I get myself some work? At the very least, the streak between actual in person (as opposed to over the phone or email) interviews has finally been broken, and the job market is starting to loosen up. There's still time to pull something out of a hat, and so forth...


And January is a whole new year. Thank goddess... 2004 has GOT to be better.
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