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Typing In The Dark

No, it isn't a power outage... though up in Boulder Creek it might be. I'm in SF, at Roni's about 10 minutes after my very first erotica reading at Good Vibes.

I have to admit, I had mixed feeling about doing the reading... mostly because I might have been spending some more time with kshandra at Tea and Sympathy, which sounds like fun. As it was, I got to tub with her and have dinner, though indian cusine is not my favorite... but K is one of those people that I like to at least make the effort to give it another try. I mean, I can stand chinese because of Michele, Thai because of Roni, and so forth. And I actually LIKE basmati rice and nan.

Making matters worse was seeing a lovely BBW walking up to the location of T&S, and K teasing me that the hostess was a red headed version of herself. However, I had made a commitment, and I was going to follow through on it. I respect Carol Queen too much to flake on her.

As it was I had already lost a good chunk of my support for the evening -- lavendersage, lovingstones and penguin_goddess couldn't make it for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was Audra's first week back to work after weening herself off of the meds that she had been put on because of the situation last march with her father dying and coming back the way he did. I was feeling a bit tweaked nonetheless, but (in the spirit of trying to not bottle this stuff up) I called Audra to talk about it. Strangely enough, it actually worked, I felt better. Still dissappointed... but not bitter barbie or some such.

It turns out I had the wrong time (oops!) and the reading began at 8 pm, not 8:30. To my credit, even getting the car parked and walking from the garage I was there by 8:30, Roni in tow. I think we must have missed only the first two speakers, which means things were running late anyhow. I barely had time to run for the bathroom, ground and center, and was reading "Subway" before a crowd of about 35 people.

Roni was sitting in the back, and says I did great... clear, well spoken, remembering to look up from the page to establish eye contact. I vaguely recall some great responses to the story, and a nice solid and sincere feeling applause at the end. Other than that, I can't remember too much.

The other readers were great, too... Lori Selke was the reader after me, and (entirely by coincidence) was also wearing a Freddie Baer designed t-shirt. Interestingly, the three avowed bisexuals all had written from the perspective of the opposite sex. I know it was the only way I could write a piece as vanilla as I did. I was also struck by how much like Rob Lori was looking these days.

The new Good Vibes store was wonderful, with a lot of great photos on the walls. There was this one Gatewood photo of this couple I knew once, Chris and Cathy, where all you can see are Cathy's ample legs, belly and thighs, and chris has one hand completely into her vagina, as he grins like a loon at the camera. I meant to see how much it was, but was distracted by the fact that Chris himself was there as well (much older and long broken off of that relationship).

Another bright point was running into dancing_star... she's as much a babe in person as I suspected she'd be, but it was hardly the place to flirt. Hopefully I'll get a chance to run into her again.

As we were driving toward the event, Roni had handed me a card saying it was my Solstice gift. I had put it aside, saying that when I opened it I didn't want to be distracted by anything else. So, after parking in front of her place upon our return, she made me open it.

At first, I thought it was this really sweet card that she had inscribed something so incredibly touching in, though I was curious why she felt the need to give it to me two weeks early. Important Tip: If putting something in a card as a gift, you should always put the card into the envelope spine down, so it doesn't stay behind.

Turns out she's gotten tickets for the Eric Idle "Greedy Bastard" tour, this Friday at the Flint center in Sunnyvale! I'm gonna get to see one of the Pythons in the flesh!

I was already about to cry, and that made me annoyed (she really can't afford that sort of gift, damn it!) AND touched. Now I'm REALLY glad I took her to a really nice restaurant for turkey day.

Okay, I should wrap this up... she asleep, and the room is dark so she can stay that way. Also, this old browser is doing weird things when I preview stuff, and I don't want to lose this one!
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