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Still In SF, Trying To Get Moving...

Ugh... just ugh.

Having a groggy day. Ironically enough, it's not because I didn't crash early enough last night -- I was in bed and asleep by about 1 AM. That's fairly early for me.

However, Roni had to get up at 5, so I wound up waking up 10 minutes before the alarm went off (I suspect a bizarrely accurate internal clock for that). This reminds me why I picked Sundays for my night with lavendersage: I used to go through this once a week. It doesn't do either Roni or myself any good to have a lot of restlessness going on... though arguably she had a far better night's sleep than I did.

I'm a little creeped out by this year's flu... perhaps because of stories like this one. For some reason it made me cry... the image of the seven year old lying beside his wrapped presents, dying of something we all bitch about and drug ourselves into submission so we can go to work... and probably spread it to the parents of children like this. They think it's the same strain that has already killed 10 kids in Colorado.

I just hope this isn't mother nature's way of dropping a hint. After all, unlike the other likely fatalities of the flu, seniors, this is a group of people who won't be able to procreate later.

The panic over this one has already pretty much depleted the supply of flu shots. I can already smell the law suits: "My child died because you didn't make enough". Frivolous, maybe... but it'll happen anyway.

I think this post marks an important milestone for me: Last year I posted a total of 13 times in my LJ for the entire month of December, with no comments anywhere else (as far as I recall). As of this post I've already hit 13, and I've been commenting more than ever. I think it's helping a lot, writing and connecting, even if only virtually.

I really need to get going... it's already 2 PM here, and I need to get back to the house in BC. Later!
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