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"Bigger than Pearl Harbor and the Titanic, combined..."

I remember Jonestown, back in the 70's. The death toll rose as the grisly job of pulling out the bodies was done. I think they refused to believe that many people were dead, that it could possibly be that bad. I remember those numbers going over a thousand...

This is five times worse.

I made the mistake of reading a partial list of the victims who were in the hijacked planes. There was a 2 years old. Here's an 82 year old. Couples. Students. While they made up the lesser of the casualties, I suspect their horror was perhaps far worse...they knew it was coming before any of us, and were helpless to do anything about it.

A quote from NY struck me:

"Back at Bellevue, a firefighter almost had to have his leg amputated so he could be freed from the rubble, said Pataki, who visited the hospital to thank medical workers and speak with patients.

"The governor asked him why he would risk his life. The unidentified firefighter told him: `What do you expect? I'm a New Yorker.' "

In yesterday's entry I commented about the eternal search for a pure cause that I believe exists in all New Yorkers, and in many ways all of us: I could almost read that statement as "What do you expect? I'm a human being.'"

Bush has his war. I'm afraid even I can't find it in my heart to want to stop it. While it's hard to see the correlation between nazism and the holocaust and the terrorist threat, I find myself filling with an anger that cries out for vengeance,. Against what? I wonder to myself...no one I knew personally died. I was so lucky, compared to my brother in law who had been in meetings all last week at the WTC. Most of the people he worked with during that time are now dead.

It's incredible to think about -- there are over 350 million people in america. If the estimates are correct, 5,000 people died in this attack -- about .000143 percent, if my feeble math skills are to be believed. Yet there seems to be no life untouched by this. If this were a natural disaster, our anger and frustration would be useless. But we have a target, however fuzzy it may be now -- and as much as my spirit wishes to extol understanding and restraint, my animal wants to join in with the pack and savage the bastards who could, who WOULD do this thing.

Goddess help them...and all of us.
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