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Classic Yohannon Move #27839

So I thought I would surprise Roni by doing some of her laundry, specifically the sheets. For various reasons they had over-stayed their welcome on the bed, and I thought it would be nice to have clean snugness to flop into after what will be a late night tomorrow.

A few months ago I had finally found these plastic sheet clip things that lavendersage and lovingstones had turned me on to. 8 of those, and an orgy won't displace your bedding.

I was putting the sheets back on, which is tricky with these kind of clips. I was making sure the one at the head of the bed was on tightly enough, my face hanging over the edge of the mattress, when my hand slipped.

Ladies and gentlemen (and any combination thereof), I actually punched myself in the right eye.

(waits for the peals of laughter to die down)

I nailed myself, eye open, saw stars. I was rolling on the bed, hand to my eye, berating myself for the sheer stupidity of it all. Roni (who, in turn, surprised ME by coming home early) kept asking if I was okay. At first I could only open the eye briefly, and (much to my relief) noted that a) I could still see out of it, and b) hadn't doubled my vision.

Of course, now it stings a bit, a seems a bit foggy. When I could keep it open long enough, I gave it a careful look over. I've done far worse damage to it, including damn near poking it out while trying to fix my sisters doll carriage... you know, one of the old ones they made out of aluminum tubing... I caught the end of one of the tubes and managed to scratch the eye.

This actually fits with the theme of the day. While rolling into the city, KFOG had the class to play the Counting Crows "Long December", which SO fit my attitude.

Bah... a PC error just popped up across the room, and it demands a sacrifice (namely that I rouse myself up and fix it). At least I CAN see it, which means that I won't be wearing an eye patch to see Eric Idle tomorrow night.

Oh, one quick question: KGO had Eric on Pete Wilson's show tonight, and he mentioned that he's had to sign a LOT of cans of Spam. I ask the Python Geeks in the audience: Would it make me the alpha-geek du jour if I got myself an Idle autographed can of Spam?
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