Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Well, How About That...

They found Sadaam Hussein. Alive. Near Tikrit, hiding in a hole, looking like the unabomber on a bad hair day.

Everyone's going on about what a boost this gives to Bush, not thinking about several things first:

  • What do we DO with him? We can't give him to the UN. A "fair trial in Iraq" seems almost farcical while we occupy it illegally. We never found those weapons of mass destruction. True, there is some evidence of "crimes against humanity"... but is that evidence tainted by the aforementioned illegal occupation.

  • He was cowering in a hole... it's unlikely he was directing the insurgency. As long as her was missing, perhaps even presumed dead, you could cast him in the role of Ché Guevera. With him in custody, every new attack becomes an even bigger embarrassment. If GI's are still dying 6 months from now, watch Bush's already beaten popularity suffer greatly.

  • Short term impact for Howard Dean? Almost nothing. The fact that we shouldn't have gone there in the first place hasn't changed at all.

Bush is still the biggest fuck-up ever to hold the office since Nixon.
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