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For Sale on E-Bay, CHEAP!

(A friend of mine was bemoaning the fact that she was about to get flamed for a story she posted, and this slipped out of my fevered brain.)

One pair of vintage asbestos undies! That's right, now you too can own the very under-garments worn by alpha-geeks of yore during the great UseNet flame-wars of the late 80's/Early 90's!

This is the perfect accessory for dealing with todays trolls, CAPLOCKED TWITS, l33t d00dz, HNG's, and other low-life 'Net vermin. Fire tested during the days when the only people on the Internet were frustrated .mil joes and self important over educated .edu types, the times when a bang path had NOTHING to do with high explosives or sexual perversion, these only slightly carcinogenic long john's (with conveinent flap for emergency evacuations) are only slightly scorched from doing battle in alt and the other "big six" group hierarchies.

These babies are priced to go, so order today! And remember... every discussion is considered OVER when someone mentions Nazism.
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