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Update On The Gay Marriage Poll

Well, so far so good... when I first posted this, gay marriage was getting spanked, 81% against.

When I posted this link to my mailing list, someone made the comment that the ratio was 79%.

Just now, when I checked it, it's now only 69% against.

Seems that there's some catching up to do...

Updated at 8:40AM PST: Well, look at that. The percentage against has dropped to 63%, and it's falling fast. By noon today it could be as low as the mid-fifties. If this keeps up, this might be a horse race.

Updated at 4:00PM PST: So, I finally am getting myself together to go to the city, when I decided to check on our friendly little christians running the aforementioned poll.

The "opposing" side has dropped to 51.5%, and it's STILL falling. Now, the trick here is they've thrown in a naderesque spoiler "civil union" question, so the support of gay marriage is ticking along at only 42%. Yet if they drop below 50.01%, they lose their majority (and, presumably, a bit of pseudomoral high ground). It's a good possibility that will happen before I hit the city, about 90 minutes from now.

It seems appropriate I'm going to see the Kinsey Sicks tonight, performing their holiday show, "Oy Vey in a Manger". No, I'm not kidding.
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