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Return of the Yohannon

Okay, first a bit of an update on the "gay marriage" poll that I find interesting. As of this afternoon, before I left for some errands (and to catch "Return of the King") the results were leaning heavily toward the "pro" gay marriage (48.5% vs. 43.25%). Tonight, however, the results page now reads merely "Thank you for signing this poll."

Read between the lines, folks... "This went way to the other direction, so now we'll just offer it up as a petition of 200K names, only we'll skip the fact that 250K people were against it". I would be REALLY interested to see what they submit to congress.

So, went to Roni's office so she could grab some cash, grabbed a kick ass burger at Mel's, and made our way to catch the movie. When we got there, the 2:30 was already sold out, so I convinced Roni to go for the 3:45 instead of 3:00. When we got in, the wisdom of this became immediately apparent.

The line stretched from the theater... up the very LONG stairway to the second level... through the upstairs lobby... and doubling back to the stairs.

Wisely I jumped on the line, because the theater had no clue what to do with the fact that multiple shows were lining up in advance, so I figured the line would let into theater ten, and we'd be in decent position for theater 11. As luck would have it, we were first in line... with 50 people behind us already.

I won't go into details, because some people haven't seen it yet -- can say one thing...


Afterwards Roni reminded me that we planned to get some toys, trying to focus on the whole teen thing. We were actually impressed with the haul, even with a budget of 100 bucks:
  • 2 Back Packs (one black, one purple)

  • Monopoly

  • Operation

  • 2 Cassette walkmans

  • A 37 piece lego set

  • An infant toy (one of the big wood block things

  • A lego "creator" set
Total: 105.74, including tax. 10 gifts.

Which I'm sure begs the question -- what's a pagan couple doing perpetuating christmas gift giving?

Because I'm human first, and I know what it's like to be that age and have nothing at a time of year when everyone else is getting something. I refuse to play the Grinch to avoid being called an assimilationist bitch.
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