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Surviving Solstice, Part One

I finally missed a day posting to LJ... big surprise. Solstice was packed with fun and good fellowship, and I hated to see it end. It's a bit odd realizing that these people actually seem to like me regardless of the mess I am. In fact, woshad actually had one of those moments of brilliance toward the end of the ritual part of the evening (after the circle was ended/opened) where he was passing around a pad for us all to write down our contact info, so that he could type it up and provide all of us with contact info for everyone. I was the third to be filling it out, when he made the re-assurance that we didn't have to put EVERYTHING down... we could just put down only that which we were comfortable sharing.

I looked up, and made the comment "Right... I laid my soul bare in front of y'all during Samhain, but I wouldn't want you to know where I LIVE." This was, for reasons I can't fathom, reason for much merriment and laughter, and a concession from woshad that the point was well taken.

I didn't have the heart to tell anyone that I hadn't intended to say that out loud. Happens a lot to me. I should just go with it, eh?

I'll post more about it later... right now I'm just waiting for src to show up for music and snuggling. My big good deed for the day was tracking down a gift for... oh hell, I can't talk about that now, the person in question could be reading! Gah!

Near miss, that.

Well, back to here, then... Suffice it to say that I had a wonderful time, and such. Roni's still hanging in there (I've seen an email exchange that left me wondering where steelmagnoliaca has left her heart of late), though I'm worried that she hasn't called me back today. I should try and give her a call tomorrow again to see how she is.

I have been reminded by several people that steelmagnoliaca in fact broke up with ME via e-mail. I had completely forgotten about that -- I suspect that I tend to overlook the bad stuff people do to me. I don't think my memory will quite be that selective again.

The worst part? We both still love her. That sucks and blows hard. Ah well.

More later after Strata leaves!
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