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* You might suspect that the really short post preceding this one was a transparent attempt to sneak a post just under the wire for the 23rd... I would contend that was a malicious rumor, and I totally resemble that.

The Scouring of the Boulder Creek House was well worth the 12 hour effort (so far... I suspect I'll need at least another 12 just to finish everything I want to) if only for the fact that I FINALLY found my portable external hard drive, which had mysteriously vanished a couple of months ago. I mean, I KNEW I hadn't left it someplace I don't ordinarily go to constantly, so it's MIA status was both a puzzle and a major bother... it turned out that Yo Sucks, and had NOT properly backed up some critical files for a couple of months.

When I found it, sitting on the bench by the front door (probably where I sat it down in the first place) there was this moment... you know the one I'm talking about, when you see something, and your brain sez to you "Hey, that sorta looks like that thing... you know, that THING..." and then the flash of stunned amazement, realizing that you found a thing you'd been looking for.

(pauses to do happy Yo dance to this rather kicking acoustic version of "Down on the Farm" by Little Feat)

So part of the problem is that I really only had yesterday and today (meaning Tuesday and Wednesday), and really only half of today to get this place beaten into submission. Some would say that I should have passed on spending Monday night with src, but I would strongly disagree -- I had such a nice time, and the massage that Strata gave me is perhaps the only thing getting me through this former disaster area.

Note to Myself: Strata gives kick-ass massages.

She was sweet enough to give me a small solstice pressie, namely a bottle of Iguana Deuces Vicious Jalapeno Pepper Sauce (she remembered my comment regarding my love for things spicy when we all ate Burritos at her place) and a chocolate bar of really GOOD dark chocolate. I had planned on giving her one of the Goddess key chains I scored in bulk for just such gift giving, but kept waffling on whether it was appropriate to be exchanging gifts with her just yet... it was nice to know my instincts weren't off the mark.

Around 8 PM, when I realized that I might not be finishing any time soon, I cranked the music even louder (maxed it out, actually... one of the only times I get to do that) and popped a vicodin.

Careful readers will note that a Yo on vicodin is like giving most mere mortals a snootfull of cocaine. As my mom would say, it had the desired effect.

If Michele wanders across this whilst sunning herself in the tropical outskirts of Portland, Oregon, be assured -- Nothing has been tossed outside of stuff that I'm certain is trash or recyclable. For the most part I've been organizing things in place, with a few minor shifts in furniture and the like that made things a lot easier to get at or around. Nothing even on the order of the last re-arrangement, so I'm hoping no one (other than the cats, who DESPISE my cleaning tendencies) will be shocked or dismayed.

Once I have this done, the next step is to start organizing stuff an area at a time, like the attic, getting Michele's closet done so that things could be put away without it being a major operation each time, fixing up her loft area. Then I plan to start taking away a truckload or two of junk that I can't otherwise give away or sell (obsolete computer hardware, clothes, old camping gear, and so forth) in preparation for the home improvement work I'll be perpetrating on the lower level once Michele is at Mills.

Well, I'm just about through this can of Dr. Pepper... My goal for tonight is to finish the dishes and counters in the Kitchen (all that's left to do there), Make sure that Michele's bed is cleared of the few books that are left there -- I plan to clean her blankets and make sure the sheets are all clean... if you ARE reading, M, please ask Rob if she'd like me to change her sheets and make her bed as well. I always like coming home to a bed ready to collapse in after a long trip...

UPDATED 4:00 AM: I made it... though I have even MORE to do if I were an OCD sort of person. Which I am, in some ways.
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