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Solstice Celebration, Part the Second

Have I mentioned lately how much I ♥ XJournal?

This has NOTHING to do with anything, and probably won't be half as amusing to y'all as it was to me:

Frosty Kicks Satan's Ass

So, just to wrap up the fin from solstice -- the crafty gifts given during the "Pillage and Steal" made me cringe at my quickly bought at the last minute gifty... Next year I'll have to start working on something to put in. I can do crafty stuff... no REALLY I can.

Breakfast the day afterwards was, in lavendersage's words, as legendary as always. Thick country bacon in massive quantities, pancakes, lovingstones' tasty potatoes...

Damn, I'm trying to force an entry out and it doesn't want to happen. I'll try again tomorrow.
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