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Just One More For The Hell of It...

So, I was chatting with papershroud about "Dobby's Mistake", and realized there was ANOTHER piece "lost" on the aforementioned drive... the second of two pieces whipped up nearly a year ago for Carol Queen's "5 Minute Erotica". "Subway" made it in, but "Hot Tub" didn't. I actually PREFERRED this one, but that's because I'm kinky and bi, and they wanted vanilla and predominantly het.

This is only 1500 words, but it goes behind another cut. I think this way I won't lose it ever again.

Hot Tub

Greg pulled open the sliding glass door that led to the balcony overlooking LAX, jets and all. "As promised! Our very own, PRIVATE hot tub!". Sure enough, there is was, bubbling slightly and steaming. Lori followed behind shortly, just in time to catch her friend stripping on the spot. "What are you doing?" She exclaimed. He was already shucking off his pants, revealing a firm, nicely round butt that almost begged to be pinched.

The sound of a throat clearing behind her reminded her that they weren't yet alone. "Hey, can us peasants partake before we have to crawl back to our mundane, over-crowded convention rate hotel?" Their friend Dave, who had helped them lug up a considerable amount of their luggage, was standing behind her.

Greg, who was in the process of easing himself into the tub, waved him in. Dave pushed by before she had a chance to protest -- she had designs on greg's bod that would be difficult to manage with Dave there. But he had worked hard to get them settled in, so she supposed she could wait another hour. Barely.

As she began to disrobe her elf, she couldn't help but notice that Dave didn't have a half bad ass himself. He certainly was hung almost as well as Greg was... almost. Blushing, she turned away before either of them looked up from their excitement about the convention to see her staring.

The three of them firmly ensconced in the tub, the talk eventually degenerated to the usual convention gossip: Who would break up, who would hook up, and the various scandalous behaviors that would inevitably be discussed by the less adventurous in disapproving tones, even as they were being secretly envied.

"So, has anyone ever actually BEEN to one of these sorts of parties?" Lori complained as she reached for the bottle of Baily's sitting on the tub's ledge.

Greg chuckled. "Not me, to be certain. I think I would have remembered it." Lori had taken a swig of the milky liquor and was proffering the bottle in his direction. Taking it, he continued, "I seriously believe that people invented the idea that all this wild, rampant group sexuality exists so that they can hold onto the hope, however frail, that one day it could happen to them." He took a pull from the bottle.

Dave snorted. "I don't understand the allure of that sort of thing anyway. And stop bogarting that bottle."

Lori, already feeling the combined effects of the booze and the hot water, looked at Greg quizzically. "What... you wouldn't like to indulge in a little voyeurism?"

"Well, sure, watching sounds like fun. But I'm not sure I could...well... PERFORM while people were watching me." He leered at Lori. "Which would you like to be doing...watching, or being watched?"

Greg snickered. "I always thought that the best voyeurs were exhibitionists, and vice versa."

"Well... what would she like to BE watching?"

"Hey! 'She's' actually sitting naked in a tub with the two of you right now." Lori splashed some water in Greg's general direction. "But if you're asking..."

"We are," they replied as one.

Suddenly bashful, Lori hesitated. Taking a deep breath, she rushed it out before her courage could leave her. "If you repeat a word of this to anyone, I'll deny it and then make your lives a living hell... but I always thought the idea of watching two men together would be an amazingly hot thing."

Both the men started to laugh, but stopped as the coin dropped, almost simultaneously. Slowly, they looked at each other, edging apart the slightest amount.

Dave broke the silence first. "Oh no...no way. You'd have to get me a LOT drunker first...and at that point I'd be more likely unconscious than erect. All puns intended."

Greg pondered for a moment. "I don't know... I can't say I'm bi, but I've always been...well, curious about something."

Dave grimaced. "There is no way I could let someone bend me over and..."

"Who said anything about that?" Greg interrupted.

"well, then...what else are you..." Just then Dave realized what else Greg could be thinking of. "What, are you talking about... cock sucking?!"

Lori laughed. "You know, I never heard of a man turning one down before." She stretched one thick leg over and playfully stroked Dave's inner thigh. "Besides, I think we could work out a trade that would make it more than worth it to you."

Dave's head was spinning. He could well understand the caution against imbibing alcoholic beverages while tubbing -- he was pretty certain he would pay for it with a nasty headache later if he didn't get out of the water. But if he stood up, the erection he felt forming would be distinctly visible. He always had found Lori's bod to be the sort of thick, lush curvy form that lent itself fantasy, though he had never considered it possible to make it something more. They were both his friends, and married to each other. Yet it sounded like he might get a chance to fulfill a personal wet dream by receiving a blow job from a man.

Her foot was moving up further, which made thinking difficult. Greg didn't seem angry about what was happening at all. In fact, he seemed to be moving closer. When he felt a hand gently start stroking his other thigh, he only started a little. Clutching the edge of the tub with his hands, he could feel them exploring appendages get closer and closer to his dick, which already felt like it was ready to pop.

With a glance from Lori the two of them helped Dave to sit on the side of the tub. His hard on was now painfully obvious, bobbing up and down, dripping water like a bouy pulled onto a dock.

Before he could change his mind, Greg slipped his head toward Dave's crotch and seemed to encompass him in one swallow.

The new sensations were exciting...the roughness of his beard tickling his belly and balls, the tongue having a really good idea what felt good as it slid up and down his shaft. Dave could feel Lori's eyes as she took it all in with a sharp gasp of breath, mesmerized by the show in front of her. She had one hand submerged, and dave had no doubt what she was doing with it.

She reached up and began stroking his ass. He slid forward, both to give Greg a better angle to swallow him, and to let Lori begin stroking his sensitive sphincter.

The, Dave did something that felt especially wonderful on the head of his dick, and Greg knew he was about to shoot. He tried to pull away, but dave just seemed to swallow harder and held his legs. "Dave...I'm about to come man... Dave?!" Dave just mumbled something that sounded like "Mmmmmm-mmm!", which sent Greg over the edge even faster.

Just as he began to shoot, he felt Lori's finger slip into his ass. The sudden shock brought him back from the edge for a few seconds, but Dave knew there was no way he could stop from pouring his hot, creamy come into Greg's mouth, with Lori watching just inches away.

He couldn't remember how many waves of pleasure he felt wash over his. The feel of the hot water swirling about them, the two of them touching him everywhere, the feel of his own come lubricating the inside of Dave's mouth.

When he finished, he opened his eyes in time to see Dave finally let go of his cock, and Lori locking her lips to Dave's mouth. They both stood up, careful to steady the post-orgasmic Greg, and both kissed him at once.

He never had kissed two people at once, and never before a man. It was surprising how he had that mental image of it somehow being different, tasting differently. Aside from the facial hair, Dave's lips felt the same as a woman's, something easily proven by Lori's immediate presence. He could taste the remnants of his own come on both of their lips, which made him feel curiously pleased. All three of them slipped back into the water.

Lying together intertwined and naked in the tub, Greg looked up at the clock. "You know... we COULD still make it to the keynote tonight..."

Lori opened one eye, glared for a moment, and closed it again with a sigh. "Or we could just stay here until we regain our strength, call over a couple of open minded friends, and finally give those stupid rumors a run for their money." She rolled over languidly. "Besides, I figure I owe you two a little something special, and I have a bit of curiosity to satisfy myself."

"Like?" Greg asked.

"Like, is being between two men at once is as much fun as I think it is."

Raising one arm, Dave exclaimed "All those in favor of wild, wet monkey sex?"

The motion passed, unanimously.


This is ALSO copyright 2003 Yohannon/John Halbig, all rights reserved... and it's all mine, I tell you!
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