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Not Today, Dear, I Have A Headache


Woke up today to Bijou kitty complaining as she is wont to do. dragonwitchling Is here for the weekend, and apparently woke up earlier than usual. In fact, she managed to update HER LJ, so I decided to update mine.

Michele and Ron are still in Portland -- M sent me a plaintive e-mail this morning essentially saying she had been joe-jobbed by some scum-bag spammer. This means she's prolly getting obscene amounts of bounce mail directed at her AOL account, which she would like to stop.

Unfortunately, there's not too much you can do, accept hope that AOL now has a clue what Joe Jobbing IS, and doesn't do something stupid (like turn off the account).

Chris made me watch "Sinbad" last night, and I had to admit it was a lot of fun. Almost made me wish I had caught it on the large screen after all. Ah well...

One minor annoyance: A splitting headache. It seems to be succumbing to the Aleve I dosed myself with, but I suspect I should be drinking more water -- dehydration can trigger a migraine as well as anything else.

I also should try EATING something. Food would be a good thing, and someone has promised me "breakfast", a novelty I just can't pass up.
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