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So, Other Than That, How WAS The Play?

Well, that was utterly bizarre. Fortunately, I think everything worked out alright... though it's hard to accept the gratitude of someone who wouldn't have needed help if it hadn't been for my actions.

Let me back up.

The PLAN was to take Roni and kshandra to my place in Boulder Creek to soak and hang out a bit, probably after dinner. Dinner went fine... a lovely meal at Chili's. However, first there was a frustrating search for icy goodness for Roni (finally solved by finding a 7-11 on Saratoga), then the drive up.

It wasn't until MUCH later that I realized that the Koosh has NEVER ridden to the house in the back seat before. There are many reasons why this matters, not the least of which is that it can make the difference between making it to the house slightly nauseous, or discovering that hurling should NEVER be made an olympic sport. Winter nor summer.

No, I wasn't (as Michele accused me of later) driving too fast... in fact, I was deliberately hanging back behind a slower moving vehicle to help mollify the line of cars behind me. What is it about human beings that we're so apologetic about an involuntary function like vomiting?

We were literally only a few hundred yards short of the driveway of the house, too. I think she would have made it if I HAD driven faster. So I felt like *I* should apologize. Attack of the mutually polite people, indeed!

I tossed her clothes into the wash, showered her down, and proffered a tooth brush, and I think she was feeling almost human again... though through the whole ordeal I kept making jokes that made her snort, which (as anyone who has "met ralph" can imagine) wasn't the most comfortable thing to be doing, at least until after a good rinse and nose blowing session.

Despite all the drama, we sill managed to have a good time. Roni, as I had predicted, crashed shortly after we arrived: SHe thinks it's that the house MAKES her sleep. To avoid disturbing her, we soaked and snuggled in the tub, and then spent time quietly chatting upstairs.

I think I could have gotten her home much sooner, except that the washer was acting up... I somehow had managed to tweak the lid of the machine so that the little switch... you know, the safety catch that keeps it from running with it open... wasn't engaging. Dumb luck allowed me to fix it, and In think the inadvertent extended soak actually HELPED.

Ok, I have to rub and get lunch with Roni... more, as always later. And a big hug to the Koosh for being so forgiving of the predicament I placed her in!
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