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Time To Get To Work...

You know, I was about to write something about "pissing away" the last couple of years, but that's SO not true. That time was incredibly full of growth and processing beyond belief, and I'm really starting to appreciate the value of all this time to work out a lot of my life, my needs and wants. Anyone paying attention to this LJ for any length of time knows that this is an ever evolving life I lead, but at least I'm beginning to feel like things are heading, even if I have no clue where that is.

Now I'm contending with a new idea as to what I need to do to make things happen in that like on a vocational level. Originally, I thought "Rotunda Artworks" would take up enough of my time to at least allow me to feel fulfilled, only it never seemed to take off they way I expected. Partly that's bad marketing, another part it's the fact that there's no way to make for a consistent schedule when you have to deal with.

Then I was working on that sort of New Years Resolution post, and the first grains of "D'oh!" level realization began to form... that after all this time, it's time to actually sit down and treat my truest talent as if it were an actual JOB, one I happened to love and had a driving need to do.

This means some interesting changes to my life, the first being the development of an actual SCHEDULE. With lunch breaks, a time set aside for LJ entries, and quitting time.

I plan on finding some way to publish the schedule here and on the website, so that people who love me will know what my "work" schedule is. The LJ Entry will probably be done toward the end of the work "day", and might be broken down into personal and work entries.

I think this will work out. I think this will be the first WORK related entry...
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