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"You can't copyright anything on the Internet..."

I spotted this via johno's LJ, and was flabbergasted:

"Well, if it's on the internet it's up for grabs.  You can't copyright anything on the internet."

Now, for my take on this (which might come as a bit of a shock to Mr. Kieran Saunders of the Daily Star): When I was working at Garage.com, I received an e-mail from a fan of Guy Kawasaki's regarding a web site served out of Argentina, call migarage.com. To my complete shock they had ripped off not only the content, but the design and business model for Garage.com!

Even more shocking was that, when I examined the HTML code, it contained comments that I myself had written... right down to the typos!

After picking my jaw (and my stomach) off the floor, I ran down to our wonderful legal type person. As I correctly surmised, this qualified as a Damn Good Reason to walk through the door and type the URL onto her computer.

Skip forward about 8 months, and the end result is... well, try migarage.com as an URL, and you'll notice that it redirects to Garage.com. I never found out what the "settlement" consisted of, but I doubt it was very pleasant for them.

This was for a copyright violation in ARGENTINA. What does this prick think is going to happen to him in the UK? Not to mention the fact that the idiot is guilty of faking the news AND plagiarism.

What more embarrassing is that otherwise reputable newspapers picked this bad boy up off the wires and published it with a reference to Film Magazine as a source... a magazine that does not exist. Several fact checkers need to be fired if these articles passed by their desks.
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