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Yohannon's Life: The Saga Continues...

Well, after the craziness of this weekend past (unfortunately large chucks I've had to deem "friends only") I seem to be having a fairly mellow day today. Applied for 7 jobs that look either fun or well paid (or both), began to consider the options for housemates if it comes to that. Michele has said that when she moves out she would really like it if I could somehow keep the house... it's ironically the cheapest option for a place to live all around, and would kick ass for anyone working in San Jose or the peninsula.

As I was just telling kshandra, though, that's predicated on both having some clue as to what timetable we're looking at, what success I have in my short term job search, and how the lives of the people who would be on my mental short list would be going when all this happens. Which in turn leads me trying to reenforce my sense of faith, which seems to be holding up fairly well despite it's neo-rookie status.

While talking to src on the phone before I had this interesting insight: Perhaps the reason I feel so grounded lately is because I'm being pulled equally in all directions. Which doesn't bode well for that moment that I LOSE that center in any direction: Thus I become a spiritual version of Jerry Lewis, drunk and having a seizure.

UPDATE: This just in... MIchele just asked if it was okay if we work something out if she DOES get a job within commute distance. Well, DUH, of course...

Somebody hit me with a tranquilizer dart, stat!

UPDATE THE SECOND: Oh, and as of 5:22 AM PST, Mercury went direct. WOOhoo!
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