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Tee Hee Over Tees Tease

Let me let y'al on another Yohannon Mystery: I really don't forget anything per se. I mean, everything winds up in this vast soup of data that occasionally becomes useful from time to time.*

For example someone recently (as in the last month) asked me for a possible source of large size tee-shirts, and I couldn't think of any. I go wandering through some ancient bookmarks dating back several years, and LO:

A Really Cool Tee Shirt Source

Hopefully you're still reading me, despite my earlier failings.

* It's actually pretty annoying. Every now and again, I'll run into a solution for a problem I encountered years ago, at a job long since relegated to resume status. Even worse, I'll find one for someone who's since broken up with me or... *choke* died.
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