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Lambuel Is Possessed By SATAN!!!

Well, after nearly breaking a toe on a log dragging up some groceries (including some firewood, though it's warmed up remarkably today!) Michele was checking out this really bizarre web site:

Lambuel spins her head like Linda Blair Gone Soft

(Note: For the full effect, place mouse over image of the Lamb's head, with the sounds turned up. Click once.)

Scroll down for items like Habu's Corner ("I'm so confused by all these gods..." "Hey Habu, simplify your life with JESUS!" And all the saints, angels, archangels, demons... but that's not polytheistic at all, no sir!) a warning to avoid "Mr. Gruff" atheist ("If you find an Atheist in your neighborhood, TELL A PARENT OR PASTOR RIGHT AWAY!") and a "Creation Science" corner guaranteed to prevent your little ones from achieving anything more than a 10th grade education.

This whole site is so unintentionally funny that some (like scixual) aren't entirely certain it isn't a twisted parody gone horribly wrong. Check out the CafePress Store for more hysterical tidbits, such as the "Rapture" wall clock, the thong underwear (no, I'm NOT kidding), and the "Bazooka Jesus" sticker ("Hey Jesus! Doesn't walking on the water make your sandals wet?" "NO... because they're WATER MOCCASINS!").

I can't wait to co-opt this stuff for the next play party I attend... or Gay Pride Parade... or...

The mind boggles.

UPDATED: kshandra made the observation after calling me (on the phone... wowsers!) that it sounded like these people would think Buddy Jesus was a GOOD idea. 'Nuff said!
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