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Chilled For No Good Reason

It was actually in the 60's in San Jose last night as I brought kshandra home... but that's later in the story. It starts when Michele tells me that she's late for a "date" with Barry, wherein the plan is to make soup and rice pudding, which (in turn) would put her out until really late.

For assorted reasons I am NOT up for being alone this week, so I decide to pop online to see if anyone in particular is on... yes, I had a certain Koosh in mind, but I don't assume people have the ability to just up and wander off on such short notice.

As it turns out, K was literally JUST typing up a plaintive IM as I was sending her a note... Our timing is very interestingly synched up of late, which makes me smile even as I type this. She was more than up for a visit, but first I decided to AVOID causing another meltdown along the lines of monday and talk to all the players here to clear any plans.

Barry was here, so I got to say hi -- I've always liked Barry, even if he's considered a corporate lackey lawyer scum by those who would assign such things to a person. Of course, I've always known him to have integrity and to put up with shit from people that wold have sent ME around the bend a decade ago. I reserve the "scumbag" label for the accounting departments of certain large corporations (cough*enron*cough).

All cleared with Michele, and Rob was gone for the evening as well for a Howard Dean Meetup in Felton. Thus assured of minimally impacting the house, I was off to grab K (ahem), though I had to wait for Barry to move his Toyota from it's place blocking mine.

To say we had a lovely evening would be an understatement: We're still getting used to the fact that it's shifted the way it has in the past week, so we're still a bit awkward. At least, I am... she's just beautiful as far as I'm concerned.

Of course, this is a day after ANOTHER lovely evening with src the night before, which in itself went a long way to sustain my faith in the universe and whatever it has planned for me. Monday seems so long ago now.

When I took her home, Rob and Michele still not back, we decided to get something to eat. The Koosh had a craving for soup, probably because it was salty and wet and would help settle her stomach on the drive down (coming up this time wasn't the problem). We decided to do Denny's near her home.

To my amusement, after sitting down in a booth in the corner, I realized I recognized the group at the table in the middle of the room from various BBW dances I've been to. The world really does only have about 5000 people in it.

We had a lovely meal, though the place was out of soup. Denied!

Now, onward with the rest of my week: I finished the article for MacDesign yesterday, making the best of a boring as hell MacWorld keynote (mini-ipods... YAWN), spoke with Roni yesterday (the poor thing sounds horrid -- she seems to have that sinus thing that's going around EVERYWHERE), and received a wonderful phone call from lovingstones that made me feel a little more secure about things with the wonder triplets. I think I'll call lavendersage for a brief chat after I get out of here, because I miss the sound of her voice. Also, dragonwitchling deserves a call as well, if only for all the moral support she's provided of late.

I just applied for a couple of contract jobs through Volt, so I'm hoping that improves the odds I'll get called for something soon. If I don't hear anything by Friday, I might give the Santa Clara office a call anyway: I have to make something happen, somehow. Considering the sudden surge in the US markets, things have to start breaking my way sooner or later.

First, I have to warm up a bit: Despite the milder weather, it's still chillier in the mountains, and I haven't been able to shake this shivering thing since I got up this morning, even with three of the four cats lying on top of me. Brrr...
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