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The Continuing Saga...Part 1

Due to the delicate nature of the topic, part two of tonight's entry is going to be limited to my Friends list. I know, you gotta wonder about a guy who will talk about his sex life publicly, but not...well, the people who read it will understand.

Well, the visit to Karin was more than wonderful...she's good for the ego. Well, she's good for a lot of things...including an all time first for me.

When I got to Karin, she surprised me by saying she had FINALLY located a hot tub place closer than Berkeley, in PLeasant Hill. We had heard of it before, of course, but every attempt to locate the place had failed miserably, When I saw where it was, it was no wonder...it was tucked in a strip mall hiding behind ANOTHER strip mall, one where all the signs looked exactly the same.

The place looked almost like a dry cleaners from the outside. The inside had definitely seen better days...the 80's, I think.

The room itself was very bizarre. The music was nice, soothing, with a volume control. The place very clearly stated that there were no saunas available there, but the room we were in had what looked like one, only padlocked shut. You can almost visualize the accident that brought THAT one about.

There was a rest bed that looked like an actual massage table with a cotton cloth...not a sheet, mind you...tossed on top. The tub itself was frothing away, a hexagonal fiberglass job with a bench seat and a few good jets.

The chemical stench was overwhelming, usually a bad sign. (I'm chatting with Karin about this entry even as I write this..."They don't drain the tub, just add more chlorine." Ewww...)

The water was a decent temperature, at least (some of those places barely get the water to body temp, making it even more of a primordial ooze imitation). We both got in and...well, enjoyed each other. A lot.

The bed (since it was a massage table) was both narrow and high, making sex a bit more athletic than it should of been for someone who was just getting over the flu, but I had a great time. That wasn't the first, though.

That was when we were back in the tub. I had just gotten some water and made some disclaimer about not being my randy self (balancing on my toes on the floor with one foot while the other was folded into a near unnatural position behind and to the side had me expecting a set of scores from the judges afterwards..."And he sticks the landing!") when she got, well, playful as I stood in front of her. I honestly wasn't hinting, but the bench in the tub was just the right height to put her mouth level with my crotch.

Now, I have this thing, where it's really hard to get me to come from oral stimulation. It's mostly a lingering catholic thing, where in the back of mind I recall how catholic girls "saved" themselves by giving blow jobs, and that no one really like to give them. Of course, I know that's not true (for one thing *I* like to give them!) and I've since gotten to the point where I can, at the very least, enjoy them. Orgasm is still tricky sometimes, though.

Val can get me to come like that a lot. So can Karin. But as a rule, it's got to be the first time I come after a bit of a break (24 hours or better), and never, EVER after I've already come within the last hour or so.

So, when Karin started to suckle me, as sexually exhausted and wiped out as I was, I thought it would just be one of those "oo, this is nice" things. No goal involved, just enjoying the sensation and all.

And then, it started, to ah, feel more than just good.

I don't know HOW the hell we wound up in the position I actually came into her mouth...I was literally kneeling on her thighs, completely balanced on her rather substantial breasts and belly, hands on her shoulders, and in absolute shock that she was able to do that.

In one of those post-orgasmic bits of silliness, when I kissed her and tasted myself, I cracked "Is that come in your mouth or a unique new breath mint?"

The only drawback was that she was in the hot water too long...I had to help her to the edge of the tub, force her to drink water, and run the shower so that cool (NOT cold) water brought her back to earth.

I shut down the tub so we could here each other talk after that (the sound of the jets helped to mask most of the admittedly restrained noise we were making), to discover the, ah, scum that the froth had kicked up. Also, the water was a bit on the cloudy side...which made me really glad I had showered extra long before leaving.

The final touch: I wanted to toss tha bag I had carried the water in with (bought at the safeway in the same area for 1.50 for two large bottles, as opposed to 2 bucks for the single serving size), to discover that the people there before us had left a used rubber in the trash can in the far corner. Ewwww...

Tip to hot water sluts in the Northern California region: Don't bother with the tub place in pleasant hill, just drive the 20 minutes to Berkeley.

(BTW, the music really IS what was playing on iTunes when I posted this. Go figure.)
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