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Okay, this is kinda of creepy. Rummaging through some old entries (anyone with a journal more than a year old should do this from time to time -- it's a good way to remind you where you've come from), I ran into a link to an astrology site I used to visit a lot more frequently than I do now. Clicking it, I find:

Aquarius Horoscope for week of January 8, 2004

In a recent speech, "Boondocks" comic strip creator Aaron McGruder said that if liberals want to regain power in America, they'll have to learn to be meaner. Leftist singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco echoed the theme in an interview in "Indie Culture" magazine. "It's our job to help and inspire each other," she mused, "but I don't think that all my songs have to be about nature and children and love and hugging. There are ways of helping people by expressing anger." I almost always advise you to err on the side of compassion and kindness, Aquarius. But this is a perfect moment to take McGruder's and DiFranco's words to heart. It's crucial that you find ways to creatively and constructively channel your sacred rage at what's wrong in your world.

That actually already matches my attitude nicely. On another front the home page has a fascinating list of future definitions, such as:

"The rise of the pantheosexual movement will present a new threat to sexual law 'n' order. Describing heterosexuals, gays, and bisexuals as narrowminded, pantheosexuals will claim to have erotic feelings for everything from trees to toasters to clouds to all seven genders of human beings."

Very interesting.
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