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"Waiter, There's a Brillo Pad In My Soup!"

Since I wasn't wandering to Hayweird last Sunday, I gave kshandra a call to see what she was doing. She told me of her Windows 98 woes (ratzen-fratzen registry!) and her desire to back everything up off of the old hard drive. Since I had a wonking big drive leftover from repairing Roni's RePlay, I offered to come over Sunday to install it.

Installation was a snap, at least hardware wise. However, I then ran into a particularly brain dead Windows design flaw: In brief techese I had formatted the drive for brief use in Roni's roommates XP machine. WIndows 98 based software (grrr... fdisk!) couldn't cope with it... I couldn't even just re-format the drive. Gah...

I managed to find a set of steps on the MicroSloth support hell pages to fix the problem that involved launching the command line debug program and entering the raw commands to literally over-write the partition table with zeros, basically rendering the drive as tabula rasa, at least as far as 98 was concerned, whereupon whatever deity in charge of protecting geeks from committing egregious mistakes intervened.

For lo, as Silly Yo did follow the instructions, and did think that the the master jumpered hard drive would be the first physical drive (all things being equal), he did actually attempt to nuke the wrong drive. And so it was that a Norton Utility that a certain purple koosh did try to uninstall neigh on these many months past did intrude to warn me that some evil thing was attempting to do naughty things to the sacred drive of much personal data. And yea, Yo and Koosh both did gnash their teeth and cry unto the heavens "Blessing upon ye, Peter Norton!" and thus were pleased. And then Yo did put in the correct designation, and it was good.

So, I let windows run scandisk on the drive and K and I went to the local CoCo's for some feeding. We walked in, quickly seated and served so quickly I wondered if they were dropping hints.

I took a mouthful of stuff rigatoni, and noted a foreign particle... I thought it was a basil leaf or something like, and pulled it from my mouth.

There, in my hand, was a piece of what looked like once of those steel wool scouring pads -- the kind with shiny thin ribbons.

A cursory check of the food revealed no other problems, so I chowed down, eating two/thirds the plate. It wasn't until we were about to ask for a check that I mentioned it to K, who promptly wanted to tell the manager. As far as I was concerned it wasn't that big a deal, but she thought that it was something that she might need to know.

The manager in question was appropriately apologetic. In fact, she wouldn't even let me take home the remainder of the dinner, insisting on making me a whole new plate to go. Then when we got the check, I was surprised to see she had pulled the cost of the rigatoni off entirely... thus making me feel kinda bad, like I was trying to pull a fast one somehow.

Now when I first showed her the metal, she expressed surprise, as the kitchen supposedly didn't have those kind of scrubbing pads. But when she returned to the register as we were paying on our way out, she told us she had just busted the staff for using a pad she had told them to get rid of. So I got a meal free, another to go free, and got the entire kitchen staff yelled at.

I felt terrible. I mean, the only reason I brought it up was because I used to do food service, which is why K was able to convince me to bring it up at all.

That extra meal turned out to be a good thing to have: I wound up having to climb over to the farside flatlands today to beat the Koosh's PC into submission driver wise. Sound, networking, and the display were all back to normal ere I left, fed, caffeinated and even with a shot of bailey's (long before I left, so no worries there!).

In fact, I should finish chatting with her in AIM before posting more.
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