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Oh Crap... What's With The Sinus Pressure?

So, after a wonderful night with kshandra that was that interesting combination of sweet and intense, sleeping in a LOT later than either of us intended (she had failed to mention that she wanted to return to the farside flatlands by noonish... I think we made it by 2:30) I managed to drag my butt to the city. penguin_goddess had wanted me to swing by to install a hard drive (normally trivial, but recent experiences have made me a bit wary... ask a certain Koosh), but there was not much leeway in my schedule. None, actually: Roni actually got off early today, so I wound up heading straight over to pick her up upon hitting the city.

Tonight has actually been pretty good, though (as the title gives away) the sinus pressure thing is starting to worry me. I've been knocking on wood that the sinus related trouble that almost everyone I know... Roni, Kirstin, Kim... has had to contend with somehow passed me by, despite the constant contact I've had with all the people I know who HAVE had it.

It's especially important, as lovingstones has made a point of inviting Roni and me to her home this saturday. I suggested she make the same kick-ass filet she serves after rituals -- whatever she does makes the meat melt in your mouth, cuts with a fork tender. Dead cow is always a safe thing to serve Roni, as she's a carnivore from way back.

I'm really touched that she's making then effort -- I know it's hard to look inside yourself (gee, I wouldn't have ANY recent or long-standing experience with THAT), especially stuff that seems to push all of one's buttons. I've been doing a lot of similar stuff surrounding my reactions over the holidays (in particular my absurdly over-strong reaction to the debate with dragonwitchling) and some recent interactions with Michele that left me feeling confused, angry and hurt. If I'm to take 100% of my responsibility, I have to see what changes to the way I communicate things to people I need to make to improve things.

I may have to beat that drum for awhile, so if it seems repetitive, you're probably right. A lot of the alternative approaches to dealing with bad programming I've run into talks about trying to be more conscious of making a positive change, until it feels more natural. I know a lot of people dislike it, primarily because it's been mis-used and abused by people who cross the line into repression rather than true conversion. Yet for those willing AND capable of making changes, it's a viable tool.

Meanwhile, I'm going to slap some warm packs on my face and hope for the best. Worst case, I tend to burn through things more often than a lot of people, so I could actually be better by tomorrow.
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