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I So Don't Want To Be Posting This

No, I shouldn't be. Shocked, that is. But you can keep grasping at hope that isn't there, and Michele was veering away from the "Mills College" thing, telling me things like "If I get a job locally can I still stay here?" And such.

But tonight she asked, if she paid it back and all, could she write a deposit on an apartment closer to Mills out of the joint checking, and something inside me froze.

To make matters worse, apparently Bijou "expressed her displeasure" about something on Rob's bed. That meant Rob is crashing with Michele tonight, and that the last time I'm sleeping with my wife was over 10 days ago.

Yes, I know my tenses crossed. I suspect that should be expected, considering I now have no idea what's next. Part of me wishes I could go up there and beg her not to do this, to sit down and maybe we could work this out.

Sweet goddess, if you're out there, tell me I can live through this.
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