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Karaoke Night With The Pervert!

Just a quick note to shout out to kshandra, dafydd, and all the other LJ'ers and such who infiltrated a certain American Legion hall to sing it out to (or, in my case particularly, commit sonic assault upon) each other.

The Koosh wore the same top she did Tuesday, only I think it looked better with the denim skirt... however, the silky skirt she was wearing tonight was fun to fondle through (or under). The restaurant (Tarboosh) had good food, mediocre service, arabian music TV, hookahs (actual, functioning hookahs) and over-priced soft drinks (2.75 for a NON refilled coke? From a FOUNTAIN? Roni says that means they were spending maybe 6 cents a glass, including the ice).

Let's see... I did a fairly good rendition of the Dire Straits "Romeo and Juliet" (which was ABRIDGED, damn it!), America's "Sister Golden Hair", totally MANGLED "Nights in White Satin". Roni did a kick ass version of "Time in a Bottle", and we ended the evening on her throaty/sexy take on "Peel Me a Grape". I think I did one other, but for some reason I can't remember what it could have been, and neither does Roni. [UPDATED 2:03 AM: Duh... it was REM's "Losing My Religion", which I think I blanked on because it was a really weird mix... I actually lost track of the second verse because a lot of the musical cues just weren't there for me. Kirstin was sweet enough to tell me my singing was fine, it was the MIX that sucked.]

The only downer part of the evening was when one of the singers belted out a song that reminded Roni of steelmagnoliaca, which made her weepy for a bit. I had to talk to her outside to get her to realize that it was OKAY to have those sorts of reactions, and had to point out that she's been supportive of my constant weepiness this week over Michele.

Anyway, had a wonderful time, and I hope to get an even larger grouping of freaks for the nest go round. With enough people there I might finally get the guts to do the Karaoke version of Zappa's "Dinah Moe Humm" (no, I am NOT kidding). Kirsten might be induced to do "Time Warp" as a duet with me. Or maybe... but no, that's TOO twisted.
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