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When Insomnia Strikes

So I have this huge emotional LJ purge, and go collapse. My heart's pounding, I can't sleep, and two hours later I decide it's Ambien time. Since the whole addiction theme has been beaten into my mind of late, and it is a potentially habit forming substance, I count out the pills to make sure I haven't been taking too many. I have a Dr. who thinks that 30 should be plenty for, say, three months time. I got them refilled at the end of the year, about 6 weeks ago. I count out...


Then I realize I had poured the remnants of the previous three month supply into a single bottle, to make it look less like a pharmacy in my bag. Which means, excluding the 2 I gave Roni to help her sleep, I've only taken 10 over the last 4 and a half months.

Sheesh. Take the damn pill so you can get SOME sleep tonight.

Because it seems appropriate, considering the hour:

Would you survive a horror movie?


"No psycho slayer is going to get between you and your right to life. You're an ass-kicker, a charge taker, and if need be, a monster masher. You're level-headed in sticky situations, you trust your instincts, and you're not afraid to get a little dirty while getting the job done. Simply put, you rock! But don't get carried away. Even though your little brother might act like a creep sometimes, you definately shouldn't be driving stakes through his heart! "

Thank you, I needed that.
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