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When It Freaking Rains...

... it pours all over one's butt, it does.

I got a call back from the CloudMark people: I guess my essay answers passed muster. I was in the middle of munching hot wings with Roni, but was not going to let them get away THAT easy.

The phone conversation went well. No, actually, it went surreally well -- I had complete conversational control within 10 seconds, which was an odd feeling. I kept having to remind myself that they were supposed to be interviewing me.

(long inexplicable gap)

Having a REALLY strange weekend so far, and am ready to climb the walls for reason too complex to go into at this moment. Roni and I are going to go get lunch, and have a tentative date to meet up with kshandra for some goonie golf.

Now, to scrub my teeth (in Roni's parlance "they feel like argyle") and get in gear.
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