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Do Not Look Directly At Laser With Remaining Eye*

* or Our Hero Lacks the Wit To Come Up With A Decent Heading, so I stole a line from kshandra

So, I managed to hobble together a meager list of accomplishments today... like helping Rob get M's volvo started up and cleaned (we're talking CAKED with tree pollen), got the trash out (remember it didn't go last week because of the foul up at the VW dealership), filled a CD order, did some over-due tub maintenance, did some cat snuggling as Michele's proxy, communicated with Michele, and then felt like I'd been hit with a lead pillow.

I can't understand why I've been so damn tired lately... it's not like I'm working all that HARD. True, the virtual legwork is starting to pay off in terms of job nibbles, but that's nothing I haven't already been doing.

In some ways I was relieved when M said she was "too cranky" for company tonight... but seeing her one day in every two weeks is odd, especially since I now see ROB more often. Not a bad thing, of course -- even with all the baggage involved, I still actually LIKE Rob. It's just... odd.

Anyway, this is about all the entry I have the strength to endure tonight.
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