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Cursing the Darkness (And Other Fun Ways To Pass The Time)

So, catching the last 15 minutes of "Angel" on the TiVo (the hundredth episode... woo!), when the screen does this interesting flaring effect. My first thought is that this ancient 21 inch NEC display is FINALLY about to give up the ghost. Mind you, this is a display I rescued from the trash about 8 years ago, so I wouldn't be COMPLETELY shocked. I just would have hoped to get another year out of it until comparably sized flat panels came down enough in price and all. Oh yeah, and that whole job thing would be worked out.

I'm already pondering what to do if it DID die (since I was using it for displaying TV stuff, I was already thinking that plugging the video stuff into the portable was an option) when the power shuts down for the entire neighborhood.

Now, this isn't a big shock either... I've complained about two things about the boonies that are the outskirts of Boulder Creek, and they are a) crappy options for high speed access, and b) power issues.

Thing is, it isn't raining. In fact, the full moon was so bright that my initial impression was that there was a light on outside.

Hmmm... 15 minutes 'till midnight, a full moon, the power goes out... (checks phone in burst of paranoia)... oh good, dial tone. In fact, Rob just yelled down that she called it into PG&E, and in fact was the first one to get the call in ("We are not aware of any power outage in your area").

I think I would have suggested a speedy evac if the phones had been dead too... I've seen too many of THOSE movies, after all. Hey, back off man... I have my OWN hatchet.

So, I have about two hours of juice on this baby (more, if I plug it into one of the UPS' lying around), a new LJ post that can't go up unless I patch this baby into the phone line directly, and a good chance that the damn power will come on just as I fall asleep.

BTW, I've lit two candles. So there.

UPDATED: The power actually came back up at around 1:45 thereabouts... I literally had about 15 minutes left on the portable battery, though I had remembered I had a mostly charged battery stashed in the bag for just such an occasion. This would have given me another 90 minutes before resorting to any sort of recharge.

However, the network has been down since. I tracked this down to the ISDN line, decided there wasn't much I could do about it at 2 AM, so I finished watching Angel (which fans who have SEEN this particular episode will understand why I actually called Joss Whedon a "mother-fucker" at the end, as opposed to the usual "bastard!") and turned in.

I just called SBC, and after a VERY annoying voicemail tree (every menu precedes itself with the SAME announcement regarding the wonders of using e-mail to let SBC know of any problems... like that's going to help me very much!) I finally got "Stephanie", who told me that merely disconnecting and reconnecting the phone hardware or reseting the ISDN "modem" for a moment or two wasn't enough... I needed to disconnect the hardware from power AND the line for at least five minutes, then try again. She did confirm the number was working for me, so that's something.

So, if this posts around, say, 12:40 ish, it worked. Otherwise there could be a SECOND update following this one.

UPDATED: One more time!

It was even more twisted than I thought. It looks like the net's down until Sunday/Monday...
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