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Only A Week Late For Imbolc...

But then, isn't that what Pagan Standard Time is all about?

So, tonight the Lucid Pagans did gather, and Roni came with me to join the fun. Of course, it all started late, and I was given some interesting advice.

One of the things people do on Imbolc is focus on what they'll be creating in their lives for the coming year. The idea is Spring is just around the corner (though not quite) and we need to start thinking about the things we want to harvest, and to make that happen one needs to know what to plant.

In my case I faced the goddess and declared myself a writer, and that I wanted to be able to write. The response resonated, though I'm not sure I know exactly why as yet -- essentially I was told to return to the beginning, to the things I used to write. To write for myself.

There's a lot more, but I think that's going to be for a PRIVATE entry. It involves too many other people during an event that is too intimate (in the spiritual sense) to leave out in the open.
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