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A Quick Roundup From Former Snot Boy

So, I woke up yesterday a bit clogged up and sniffly. Not a huge shock, as I had been in the attic helping the Wonder Triplets with their storage of "stuff". This in large part is to clear out the back room so that Michele could have a place to hibernate without being exposed to the sociable sorts of things that the triplets are wont to do.

However, within 30 minutes of waking up I was making a darn good impression of an asthmatic horking over the porcelain goddess. That's probably because I *am* a touch asthmatic. I don't talk about it much, because it only bothers me once or twice a year enough to consider grabbing the inhaler from the depths of my bag.

It's always a surprise when it happens (not so much for myself, but for people who know me). After all, I'm the one who can hold his breath for absurd lengths of time under water. My lung capacity is excellent, and I certainly can bellow with the best of them.

Which makes the reality all the worse: Gasping for air, throat closing, that feeling of being suffocated. Like the ads say, it IS like being a fish out of water. I really don't recommend it.

I hate using the inhaler, of course -- I feel both wired and tired at the same time. However, breathing isn't optional, so I did. The relief was so great I collapsed for several hours.

For the remainder of the day I was a walking cold/allergy ad stereotype, going through kleenex and sneezing more than a certain dwarf. I was so sick we were all convinced I had "the bug" that's been infecting sinus cavities here and elsewhere in the bay area, even though I was certain I already had it. Of course, it's not the FIRST time I've heard of someone re-catching a cold, so I took a horse pill lavendersage offered up that would, in most cases, do the job of decongestant and helping clear my lungs out.

About an hour later I felt that classic light headed feeling that only such cold meds can give you, without any symptom relief. Oh goodie... the WORST of both worlds. Someone shoot me now.

I honestly can't say who's bright idea the Benedryl was... I *think* it was me. penguin_goddess brought me one, and about thirty minutes later the mucous was just a memory.

I woke up early this morning, but I suspect that was primarily due to falling asleep at 8 last night. Now I have to do all the things I intended to do Monday, and the stuff that was lined up for Tuesday as well. I have kshandra to meet up with for Tea and Sympathy, that damn smog test to re-take, and a package to mail. Oh, and I *still* have to fix the ISDN issues we were having, Michele says her iMac is crashing on booting for no apparent reason.

No time like the present!
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