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Flash Update

Okay, so I've managed to get some things done today:

  • Fixed Michele's iMac (a corrupted AOL Link file), and set it up to dial in via modem under either OS X or 9.

  • Got everything set so that when/if the ISDN comes up, the higher speed option should be ready to go immediately.

  • Got an update from Apex regarding the NASA gig... apparently things have progressed to the "FBI Background Check" stage (!!), which I think wouldn't happen unless they WANTED to offer me the job, at least. It's funny, in spite of my wacky ways, from a legal point of view my life is squeaky clean. Hell, if you only look back the 7 to 14 years these things usually do, it's pristine. Yet I worry much the same way I worry about my credit report, only more so: At least I can CHECK my credit report!

  • Got a voicemail from the guy David told me about. I've just dropped him a copy of my resume and a note with my CELL number. (Hey, until NASA makes me an actual offer, I have to keep things moving). At this rate Cloudmark had better hustle to even make it into the running... a strange thing to think after all this time.

  • Managed to gather most everything together that I'll need for my b-day weekend

Still to do is to get some books for Michele from the library in town, and to (finally!) get the car registered now that it's passed smog. Oh, and Apex might call at any moment this afternoon to tell me that I'll be working TOMORROW. No pressure.

(Even faster UPDATE: And I can't seem to get warm. I woke up this morning with a borderline migraine, which would make tubbing a dicey idea... but I'm getting to the point where hot water is no longer merely "optional". If I take an hour to tub, and then head out, I should be to Hayweird in plenty of time to hang out and have a wonderful dinner.)
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