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Annoyed At The Government (Again!)

So, I *finally* got the Beetle registered today. A hassle, thanks to Michele forgetting to do it last November, but not awful. However, there is cause for complaint.

As some may know the "governator" was elected in the recent recall unpleasantness on a platform of "rolling back" the Vehicle License Fee "increase" (never mind it was RETURNING to the levels it was at before the boom, and was SUPPOSED to go back up when the money wasn't coming elsewhere... but I digress). Since my registration was due before he "fixed" the fees, it was rated at the higher fee.

Now, since I was doing it online, you'd think the LOGICAL thing to do would be to show me the new lower fee, which I would grumpily pay. Except we are talking about government, and logic has little to no bearing on anything they do.

That's right, I had to pay the amount listed at the old rate... and they will cut me a check for the difference (about two thirds of the amount I just paid). Instead of adjusting the amount and calling it "done", they're going to the additional administrative expense of cutting a check and mailing it to me. Wanna bet that they don't even save the additional postage by slipping into the same envelope as my plate tags?

Well, at least it's done. Oh, still no word from Apex re: the NASA gig... I suspect the background check is taking longer than expected. As to the QA rescue mission David sent my way, the clueless types decided I wasn't the boy for them... their loss. I wasn't very keen on working for the completely clueless anyway, based just on what Dave told me in the first place. I still should call him and set up a lunch date or something, if only for saying nice things about me in the first place.

Off to rescue Roni from Downtown SF!
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