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The Net is FINALLY Back Up...

PacBell SBC finally showed up this morning to fix the ISDN. SInce the weather has been truly horrible this last week, I'm willing to cut them some slack for not fixing it last night as promised.

After massaging the profiles a bit on the venerable Pipeline, I made DAMN certain that the working version was properly saved to flash (which is how the poor box was rendered inoperable in the first place... restoring the old, nasty NON working version of the profile by mistake. *psigh*). I've checked the mailing list machine (already downloading over 1500 messages from the mail server... mostly bounces, I'm sure. And spam), my desktop, the imac upstairs, and they all are chugging happily along. As an added bonus I even fixed a minor DHCP problem that had been plaguing the old setup. The only machine I wasn't able to check was Rob's iBook, but I'm willing to guess it should be working fine as well.

Meanwhile, I just got a call from Roni, wanting to know what deity she needed to light a candle for to get decent cable service. Yes, yet again Comcast ("We're going to change the way you think about cable companies... no, really! Please stop laughing like that... ") has somehow managed to turn off her entire household yet again (as opposed to just accidentally shutting off HER box).

I made comforting noises at her, and now am trying to figure out what the rest of my day looks like. I wanted to try to get to Santa Cruz proper early enough to still make it to Hayweird tonight by the time Michele got home from school, but have no clue if that's even remotely feasible now.

Ah screw it... I'm back on the net without tying up the phone lines!
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