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The Wilds Of Harbin

I know things change. Knowing that doesn't make it better when they do, especially when you're unsure of whether that change is some value of good, bad, or indifferent.

Take Harbin Hot Springs: I've been going there now nearly 15 years, though the recent "hiatus" is the longest one since the first. Roni was the first to notice the minor, yet significant addition to the sign at the main gate, the one that says that says "No Pets, No Drugs, No alcohol..." -- "No Cell Phones". Not that any cell phone I've had in the last 5 years ever worked up here. Of course, satellite phones probably work just fine, and there are enough global travelers that run through here that it might have become an issue.

Personally, I can't imagine anyone gauche enough to bring a phone to the warm pools (or worse, the hot plunge!), but that doesn't mean they don't exist. I think if one rang while I was plunging myself they might require emergency proctological help afterwards... and if you think this hyperbole, remember we're talking about a clothing optional resort.

The other thing that bemuses me is that, even as I sit here in this simple room sans phone or TV, I'm picking up a wireless net. It's password protected, but I can imagine that if I were so inclined that I could crack it fairly easily. Not that I want to... the only reason I even have this machine here is to write when the spirit moves me, and to read the electronic books I've brought. I suppose that I could pop in something to watch if we were horribly bored, but I don't think we'll be here long enough for that to be an issue.

It's already 11:20 PM. We made kick ass time getting here... about 2 and a half hours from SF. This whole thing is my meager idea to treat Roni, who also hasn't been here in way too long. We actually were here and in the room by 4:30, we unwound from the road for a bit before hitting the tubs at 5:30, and were back in the room by 7, completely reduced to jelly. That was in large part thanks to the wondrous hot plunge, which seemed to extract every last pain, ache, and bit of tension that might be in us.

Even though it's a Thursday night, and the crowd is almost non-existent, Roni was not the only fat girl in the pool... this one older red head came in shortly after we did. I admit it makes me feel better about being here, that simple acknowledgment of the body positive atmosphere that I've told y'all of here before.

We munched on some of the food we had gotten from the little health food store they have on site and snuggled up for a "short" nap. 3 odd hours later, and here we are. That's just what it's like up here... there's something that makes you explosively decompress. Next time, even if we have to pay for a pricier Friday night, I want to spend at least two nights here.

The biggest disappointment? The fact that it hasn't rained yet. I was looking forward to soaking in the rain. Oh, and the huge fig tree over the pools is sans leaves... which we knew intellectually, I'm sure, but this is the first time we've seen it like this. Now all those crystals hung amongst the branches start to make SENSE.

Before I left Hayweird this afternoon for SF, penguin_goddess gave me a present based on my Imbolc experience. It was a lovely bound journal... you know, the kind you actually WRITE in. With a pen, or some such. It resonated with me in that odd, reminiscent way. Before I became a computer geek, I wrote in this huge old green book -- which, for all I know, is hiding in the attic of my mom's house. I hope not... it has a very detailed entry written on the very night I lost my virginity, and there are things that I would rather she wouldn't read about... especially in long hand.

Which is an interesting thing for me to realize... that, in the past 15 years, I've written no more than a few hundred words long hand. That's compared to a few thousand in my usual "print" style and nigh onto several hundred thousand in the manner you're reading now. This single post contains more writing than in my tortured cursive.

I fully plan to actually USE the journal that Kim's given me... and I plan to write in it in cursive. Which takes on a whole new meaning when you're forced to try and figure it out.

Anyway, I'm going to read for a bit, snuggled up with Roni. I'll probably post this tomorrow evening some time.
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