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Well, That's Kinda Cool... Surreal, But COOL...

Folks, you NEVER knew what a will cause you to do a little web surfing, and unexpectedly uncover a weird facet of your life.

I happened to turn on the TV and the TiVo happened to be tuned to the "Daily Show" just as they were introducing Edie Falco... you know, the one who plays Tony's Wife on HBO's "The Soprano's" (no, I'm not a fan. I've seen a few of the shows, and, not unlike NYPD blue, it's a little too much like some of the brushes with THAT side of the fence when I was growing up).

At some point Stewart asks her where she went to school, and she says SUNY Purchase... my alma mater. Which isn't too odd, since it IS a school that focuses primarily on the arts, and even though it's miniscule compared to some SUNY schools (I seem to recall SUNY New Paltz with an annual class topping 30K!), even a mere 3000 students a year is BOUND to turn out the occasional success story.

What freaked me out was the fact that she's almost the same age as I am... she was born in '63. Which means...

(wracks brains trying to remember an Edith Falco in college)

It's kind of weird thinking of her as one of my former class mates... yet she doubtless was. Like I said, this is a SMALL school... and in 4 years you're sure to have met pretty much everyone at least once. Since the drama students had to take humanities, and since I like to wander through assorted disciplines, I may even have had a class with her.

But that's not the cool part.

I happened to see a link to one of those "What are they doing now" alum newsletters online on Purchase's site. There was a one liner that said simply "Wesley Snipes is filming Blade 3". Another mental tickle, a quick search... and damned if HE wasn't born about when I was.

Another trip to Google, and I find this fan site, and the following quote:

"Despite the fact that Mr. Snipes does not often acknowledge it, he did attend the State University of New York at Purchase and graduated with a BFA in 1985. As the most famous alumni of this school, he joins the other notables SUNY Purchase graduates who include: Parker Posey, Sherry Stringfield, Melissa Leo, Stanley Tucci, directors Hal Hartley & Nick Gomes, and producers Todd Baker and Bob Gosse."

Which just added to my amazement. Bob's a PRODUCER? And it confirms that Wesley attended the same time I did. But then there was this line:

"Practices Capoeira, Brazilian martial arts."

Thus the blood drained from my face. There was this gangly black dude I hung with occasionally, named "Wes"... and he was really big on Capoeira. I think he helped start a club on campus for it at some point. Really cool dude... one of the first people I outted myself to regarding my adoration of BBW's -- he thought it was kinda cool. I never made the connection because, just like I did, he definitely grew INTO his looks.

Which means I've smoked dope in college with "Blade".

Damn, I HATE when I get a joke twenty years late.

Of course, I could be completely wrong. But I'm actually tempted to track down an email addy for him just to drop him a note to see if he has any clue who I am. Hey, I might even get a reply, as I DON'T have a script for him to read.
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