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Just Some Rambling... Nothing To See Here... Move Along...

Well, I knew that it was coming (taken from Ian Smith's site):

"Oscar Winner, Peter Jackson (to the fans): I'm sure most of you have heard me blabbing off in the past few weeks but we've just finished the extended cut of the DVD. I finished the edit before I came over here - these poor bastards at Weta have got another 350 effects shots to do! They're well on the way. Elijah's seen the extended cut. New Line have announced some box set that's supposed to be coming out which I didn't know anything about. When I've done 'King Kong' I'd like to do a proper box set and we've got a whole bunch of material - not of the movie but we've got a whole lot of bloopers out there! When King Kong's out the way I'd like to do a really high definition version with the best possbile picture quality. "

Coooooooool... 350 new effects shots?! And the bloopers have to be PRICELESS.

Oh, and this happy link to some people who should actually have a CLUE as to what they're saying. Of course, it will be soundly ignored by the idiot conservatives (including the disappointing Orson Scott Card... who knew that he was a bigot, and a shitty debater as well?), because you know all science is liberal claptrap. Look at evolutionism, for example... or those damn scientists who keep pointing out that pot isn't as awful as some would like you to believe, and might actually be helpful to a lot of sick people. How DARE they confuse people with FACTS.

So far today I've managed to apply for five jobs, cash in a 401K, snuggled Bijou under the covers and then brushed her in "her" bay window, and work up some "to do" action items. In the next hour I should have voted and gotten some minor shopping done.

Last night I spent time with kshandra (very nice!), had dinner with her and gridlore at Baker's Square, and then spent a couple of hours with src providing a lovely massage at her place in San Jose. Tonight... I have no clue. I'll probably stay home and fret uselessly about how the hell one sells their home, and whether or not I stand a chance at getting it sold for enough soon enough.

Fucking wheeeee...
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